Van Andrew Wilson

Tender Warrior

EAST COAST-2 Year Anniversary of Van's Death

On 1/26/08 (the 2 year anniversary of Van's Death), many of Van's friends gathered to celebrate and remember his life. Ben and Nathan got the East Coast guys together while on a trip in Arkansas to remember Van.

WEST COAST-Gathering at the Memorial Bench in Coronado

On 1/25/08 (the night before the anniversary) here are some pictures that Amanda took of those that were in San Diego at the time. Amanda brought flowers for Mich since she couldn't be there. :) Everyone met up at the Memorial bench in Coronado, CA and then went over to McP's Irish Bar.



The next day....the two year anniversary

On the day of the two year anniversary (1/26/08) a woman came across the memorial bench. She said that as she approached the bench, the image spoke volumes to her so she took some photos. She sent the pictures in an email and explained that she is an artist, "which is why the scene spoke to her visually, as well as being so emotionally evocative." Everything in the photos is exactly as she found it and left the scene untouched. She was then "compelled to find out about Van and was pleased to see how many people he inspired and how full his young life was."  Her husband and brother were also graduates of the Naval Academy, Class of '82 which happens to be the year Van was born.

The woman's name is Veronica. She came across the bench obviously after the gathering on the night of the 25th. She was very nice to share her beautiful photos. Thank you Veronica! Her website is (